Weightlifting in Charlottesville, VA

Rebeka Tiler (-69kg) of GBR jerking 115kg at 15 years old

Thursday 7/24

next week the volume gets turned down even more. You’ve earned it. Quick note on WARM-UPs: Warm-ups shouldn’t take a half hour. 10 minutes will suffice. Emphasize…

squat racks

Tuesday 7/22

save the date for Dr. Forney & Elizabeth’s going-away party night out and SUNDAY 7/27 after class join us at Beer Run for post-lifting drinks, grub, and good-bye…

rackin' Ryan

Sunday 7/20

PL: deadlift @55% x4, @65% x5, @75% x3 x2, @85% x3 x3, @90% x3 x2 shoulder press @75% x5, @85% x3, @95% x2, @100% x1, @105%…

take warm-ups seriously, just like Coach Jordan

Saturday 7/19

week 6 EVERYBODY: squat @71% x10 x2 Then,… PL: 1-board bench press @90% x3 x5 (reps are more important than %) 4x circuit: -I/Y/T to failure…

Elizabeth (-69kg) snatching 70kg at the 2014 Cap City Open

Thursday 7/17

Elizabeth is lifting at the USAW Nationals in SLC on FRIDAY (tomorrow) at 10:30am (Utah time, so 12:30 your time) in the 69C session. For more…


Tuesday 7/15

EVERYBODY: squat @78% x3 x8 Then,… PL: DB incline press x10 x3 (last couple reps of each set should be difficult) 3x circuit: -barbell curl xME…

10 squats

Saturday 7/12

Week 5. One more week of lots of squats. Get after it. The volume decreases after this week. EVERYBODY: squat @68% x10 x3 Then,… PL: 1-board bench…

throwback Thursday: kicking it back old school

Thursday 7/10

Back to high volume squats next week. Rest up! PL: close-grip bench @65% x3 x5 2-board close-grip bench @85% x5 x3, 55% x8 4x alternating: -weighted…

Tuesday 7/8

Welcome to the new schedule! Hope you enjoyed Monday off. Let’s get back to week 4, shall we? PLEASE POST to the website. Why do the…


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