Weightlifting in Charlottesville, VA

scott snatch power position

Wednesday 4/16

hang-snatch pull + hang-snatch (below the knee for the pull and the snatch) 55% x (1+1) x 5 hang-clean pull + hang-clean (below the knee for the…

dave box squat light

Monday 4/14

This is the start of a new cycle, focused on preparing folks to be in peak condition for the RVA Open on June 1st.  Even if you’re…


Monday 4/7

hang snatch – heavy single snatch pulls @80% x3 x5 front squat @90% x1 x3 you are MAXING ALL THE LIFTS (as in “going for PRs”) this weekend,…

Sunday 4/6

**OLY TOTAL NEXT WEEKEND!!!** hang clean — heavy single clean pulls @80% x3 x5 OPTIONAL conditioning workout: 5-8 rounds: light prowler sprints ~20m down and back…

Caine Wilkes (105+) 176kg snatch sequence from the 2013 USAW National Championships.

Saturday 4/5

**OLY TOTAL NEXT WEEKEND!!!** snatch @80% x1 x3 clean & jerk @80% x1 x3 back squat @80% x2 x3 Like the snatch sequence pictured above? Check…

Bryce destroying a 105kg jerk at the 2013 Old Dominion Classic at Crossfit RVA

Wednesday 4/2

Things are still heavy. Let’s Get After It. snatch — work quickly to a heavy single FTD, -10% x1 x2 (45 seconds rest between) clean —…


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