C’ville Strength Workout: Wednesday 10/17

  • work up quickly to heavy single rack jerk
  • clean-grip deadlift 3×3 (at 110% of jerk weight)
  • front squat 5×5 (light, focus on high elbows and fast turnaround)
  • bent-over barbell rows 3×5
  • prone, partner hamstring curls

7 thoughts on “C’ville Strength Workout: Wednesday 10/17

  1. Jerk: ~70 kg
    Dl: 80 kg
    FS: 94 #
    Bent Row: 94 #, 114 #, 134 #
    Hamstring curls: Really bad cramp in my calf on the first set, later ones felt better

    Afterwards I worked with Andy on weighted pullups. I’m not entirely sure of the weight we were lifting. I got the first weight, and couldn’t quite get the second.

  2. jeck to 199#. went up easy when i did it less incorrectly
    fs at 143# (and press makeup)
    did a few bent rows then switched to makeup pullups
    then those evil ham things

  3. Hey everyone! If you’re not too busy this Sunday maybe think about driving over to Richmond to cheer on our very own Jenni Lopez and Billy McCarthy as they compete in their first Oly meet at the Old Dominion Classic 2012 at Crossfit RVa! Jenni lifts at 10am and Billy at noon, and a cheering section (FREE) is most welcome! Plus people will be in singlets. And lifting weights. All around awesomeness. And if you were planning to come to the C’ville Strength class on Sunday… well this is a sweet alternative. You still get your lifting in… sort of… we’ll eat food after, too…

    We’re leaving at 7am from the gym and there’s plenty of room to catch a ride, but if you don’t feel like getting up THAT early, we’d super love it if you found your way on 64-East anyway and made your way over to 900 W. Leigh Street (Belvedere exit off 64, exit 76B, then take a right onto Leigh St. and then the building is on your right). It’s only hour drive and a very pretty one, at that!

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