C’ville Strength Workout: Wednesday 10/31

Halloween, y’all!

Elizabeth works up to a heavy single rack jerk, almost PR’ing at 90kg. Perhaps she needs more hip drive? Tighter shoulders on the lockout? What do you think?

  • work up to heavy single power clean
  • clean high pull — 3×3 @100% (of power clean), 3×3 @105% (of power clean)
  • heavy single rack jerk
  • weighted toes-to-bar 3×5 (medium/heavy)

Finally, remember that you can’t PR every day.

8 thoughts on “C’ville Strength Workout: Wednesday 10/31

  1. Power Clean: 70 kg, 75 kg failed
    3×3 Clean high pull: 70 kg, 3×3 75 kg
    Rack Jerk: 75 kg PR, very ugly
    Weighted toes to bar: 15 # slam ball 3×3

  2. PC: 85 (previous clean 1RM)
    CHP: 85 for all sets, was feeling heavy more like clean belly-height pulls
    Rack Jerk: 80, missed 85 twice
    3×5 strict toes to bar, straight legs, pointed toes, etc…also dropped a med ball on my face trying to do weighted T2B

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