C’ville Strength Workout: Saturday 11/3


  • max hang snatch
  • max snatch balance
  • straight leg good mornings (light) 3×5
  • “L” pull-ups 5×5

7 thoughts on “C’ville Strength Workout: Saturday 11/3

  1. hang snatch: 109#, after more than a few attempts, but finally got it.
    snatch balance: 55#. argh, external rotation!
    good mornings: worked up to 89#

  2. Forgot to post this yesterday, but what the heck…
    hang snatch: up to 80#
    snatch balance and I are not friends: up to 76# … any more and it’s honestly a behind the neck push press + OHS
    L pullups did 2 or 3 sets and then forgot the rest, oops.

  3. hang snatch: 75 lbs (I think)
    snatch balance: 75 lbs (I actually kind of like these!)
    good morning: around 65lbs (trying out low bar position)
    2-3 strict chinups and ALMOST an overhand pullup

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