C’ville Strength Workout: Sunday 11/4

Forney PRs his clean & jerk with much determination and skill (and strength)

  • max hang clean
  • max front squat
  • shoulder press (medium) 5×5
  • circuit x3: band tricep pull-downs (x10-15) and band monster walks (x20)


11 thoughts on “C’ville Strength Workout: Sunday 11/4

  1. Max Hang Clean: 77 kg
    Max Front Squat: 80 kg PR
    Shoulder Press: 80#
    Circuit: Pull downs, purple band. Monster walks, green band.

  2. Hang Clean: 100 lbs!!
    cleaned 105 lbs but couldn’t stand it up
    Max Front Squat: 110 lbs!!
    Shoulder Press: 45 lbs
    Pull Downs: Red band
    Monster Walks: Blue band

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