C’ville Strength Workout: Wednesday 11/7

Megan has no issue with “commit to the split”

  • tall snatch 3×3 (find a good working weight that allows for fast turnover)
  • high hang snatch 3×3 (with 110-115% of tall snatch weight, focus on high elbows)
  • Sotts Press 3×5 (LIGHT dumbell, “light” as in “no more than 12#”)
  • tabata weighted plank holds (45#/25#)

This weekend you will max both your snatch and clean & jerk in a single session (either Saturday or Sunday, your choice). The programming this week is intentionally low volume and intensity as we de-load in preparation for the weekend’s Oly Total. If you do CrossFit workouts this week, please do half as many workouts as you would normally do, or cut the volume of those workouts by about 40-50 percent.  This is absolutely necessary for your central nervous system to be adequately recovered to go for PRs this weekend. It is also a very good idea to consider the day before your Oly Total a rest day.


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