C’ville Strength Workout: Saturday 11/17

You have all been stacking up some awesome numbers lately. You’ve put in hard work to get there. Keep it up, because it’s paying off!

  • snatch high pull + hang snatch x3(1+1) x5
  • max back squat
  • pull-ups 3×10
  • hanging (weighted) leg raises 3×10

Also… it brings me great joy how Tate demonstrates at the 2:09 mark that C’ville Strength knows how to have fun and keep it lively while we’re putting heavy weights overhead. So, thank you for that.

6 thoughts on “C’ville Strength Workout: Saturday 11/17

  1. I hope I understood the rep scheme correctly … I did:
    1 set = high pull from the ground + power snatch from the hang pos + ground high pull + hang power snatch + ground high pull + hang power snatch
    Hope that’s right! It was nice and tiring, if nothing else.
    So, that thing: 65,67,72,72,76
    Backsquat: up to 150#, did 157# but it was shallow
    Did toes-2-bar instead of weighted leg raises, couldn’t figure that one out. Weights kept flying around.

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