C’ville Strength Workout: Monday 11/19

Forney pays the price for a powerful posterior. These dress pants are ripped from the waistband straight through to the fly.

  • hang snatch 60%x3, 65%x3, 70%x3 (percent of max snatch)
  • clean pull 95%x3, 100%x3, 105%x3 (percent of max clean)
  • rack jerk behind the neck (work up to heavy single)
  • band pull-aparts 3×10

11 thoughts on “C’ville Strength Workout: Monday 11/19

  1. hang snatch- up to 60
    clean pull- up to 105
    BTN- up to 99 (then realized my grip didn’t need to be so wide but by then, I was done)

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