C’ville Strength Workout: Sunday 12/9

Part 2 of K-Star’s series on creating torque in your starting position.

  • max power clean
  • front squat to 2 RM
  • RDL 5×3 (light/medium)
  • weighted pull-ups 3×3

5 thoughts on “C’ville Strength Workout: Sunday 12/9

  1. Power Clean: 120lbs (new PR!!!)
    2RM Front Squat: 115lbs (over my previous 1RM!)
    Front Squat: 120lbs (new PR!!!)

    I think it’s all the new lifting shoes 🙂

  2. Power Clean: 77 kg (PR)
    2 RM Front Squat: 80 kg, and a single 82 kg Front Squat (PR)
    RDL: 50 kg
    Weighted Pull ups: Worked on one armed pullups and weighted muscle ups (2 x 25#, 1 x 35 #).

  3. PC: 105# (PR + at least 15 or 20#)
    FS: 133# (PR +13# over 1RM)
    RDL: 55#
    Weighted pu: two at 15, then 10. Couldn’t get straight sets of three. More like 2.5.

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