Billy’s Bodacious (Good)Bye

Wonderful barbell boys and girls,

It is with a full heart that we say “bye for now” to our dear Billy.

Billy, wearer of glorious shirts

Billy, wearer of glorious shirts

He will be taking his awesomeness to New York to work on an organic farm (yay!), and we wish him all the best in that endeavor. Can’t wait to reap the fruits of this adventure (quite literally)!

In the meantime, he is a person to celebrate, and so we are going to do so THIS SATURDAY! Think of it as active recovery.

When: this Saturday, 8:30pm

Where: starting with drinks at either Billy’s place or a venue TBD, possibly downtown (near his place). Then heading to Three (on the Corner) for 80’s NIGHT!!! Dressing up isn’t usually a thing, but dancing your heart out and shouting out the lyrics IS. We don’t judge, we only love.

Why: really? I need to explain this? No. I don’t.

How: with all of you. Bring friends, bring your dancing shoes, and bring your ID (21+ for Three).

We’re so happy to have shared in your Crossfit and lifting progress over the years, Billy!!! Stay rad.

billy hat

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PhD student in Classical Art & Archaeology at UVA with a focus on Greek heroes and iconography (yet forever awed by Roman 2nd and 4th style painting). Salsa and Argentine tango dancer extraordinaire. Weightlifter and Crossfitter the world over.

4 thoughts on “Billy’s Bodacious (Good)Bye

    • bring beer if you want that, people, otherwise… water and liquor!


      If you just want to meet us at Three for 80s night dancing fun, we’ll try and definitely be there by 11pm. No cover fee, just 21+.

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