C’ville Strength Workout: Sunday 3/3/2013

turkish getup braselly sisters

  • push press 79% x6x6 (percent of max strict press)
  • bent row 5×5 (medium)
  • barbell Turkish get-up (work up to heavy double for the day)

7 thoughts on “C’ville Strength Workout: Sunday 3/3/2013

  1. The Braselly Sisters were a pair of strongwomen who specialized in graceful and artistic strength stunts. They were also sisters of the even more famous female athlete, Sandwina (Katie Brumbach, who was over 6′ and pure muscle, and would do a TGU with a tandem bicycle that HAD MEN ON IT… while another man did a handstand on the handle).

    Here the two ladies do an adagio (acrobatic balancing) act. The photo found its way into The Police Gazette in 1909 where it was titled ‘Muscles and Music.’ The editors asked rhetorically, ‘But don’t you think the lady athletes are a stunning pair of statuesque beauties?’

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