C’ville Strength Workout: Monday 3/11

Above, a preview of our accessory work in the months to come.

Some advice for today’s workout, categorized according to what you did yesterday.  Bear with me…things will be simple again by this Wednesday.  For now, it’s going to be like one of those old “choose your own adventure” books, only in workout form:

You maxed yesterday: Do the opposing workout posted below (e.g. if you did max-effort Option A, posted Saturday, you should do Option B today).

You rested yesterday, or you did one of the two non-max workouts posted below yesterday: Do the opposing max session today (either max hang snatch or max front squat, posted on Saturday).  Or simply do the max session that you haven’t done yet.  If you’ve already done both max sessions, then do whichever option below you haven’t done yet.

Option A:

  • push press 75% x6x3
  • pull ups 6×6 tempo X311 (explosive concentric with a hold at the top)
  • barbell Turkish get up, heavy single

Option B:

  • back squat 75% x2x10
  • snatch high-pull 100%x3, 105%x3, 110%x3
  • windshield wipers x4 sets to failure

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