C’ville Strength Workout: MAX WEEKEND 4/6-4/7

USA Weightlifting University Nationals is happening this weekend (Friday-Sunday) at ETSU. Watch the livestream right on your computer!

Ideal Technical Proficiency

Ideal Technical Proficiency

  • MAX Snatch
  • MAX Clean & Jerk
  • MAX Back Squat

This weekend you are, either Saturday or Sunday, completing an Oly Total as well as a max back squat. That is a lot of heavy lifting to complete in only 1.5 hours, so come prepared. Please arrive a few minutes early to warm-up and mobilize so you can grab a bar and get started right at noon.

You are maxing, not chasing weight, so have realistic numbers in mind you’d like to hit, and plan out your attempts. Hitting 90-95% of your established 1RMs for all 3 lifts is a good day. Hitting 100% is a very good day. Getting even 1 PR, even if it’s by 1kg, is an excellent day. Come with a (written) plan.

In order to best maximize your time, minimize your warm-up. The goal is to practice the movements and mobilize the joints without fatiguing yourself. The closer you get to your heavier weights, the closer the jumps in weight are (read: smaller increments). The number of repetitions decrease as we increase intensity. Minimize rest to about 2-3 minutes between your heavier attempts.

You will need less time to warm-up for the clean and jerk and the back squat, since you will already be quite warm. There is no reason you cannot be done with all three lifts by 1:30pm. Oh, and bring food 😉

15 thoughts on “C’ville Strength Workout: MAX WEEKEND 4/6-4/7

  1. That was a doozy. Maxes are a little terrifying and make my brain tired…
    Thanks for all the encouragement and great coaching, Jenny!

  2. Still having trouble maxing out my snatch.. but:
    C&J: 30.5 (pr)
    BS: 47 (pr)

    My dream one day is to get past these little girl weights.. one day.. 🙂

  3. Snatch: 53kg, failed at 55 kg.
    Clean and Jerk: 75 kg, attempted 77 kg missed the jerk.
    Back Squat: 95 kg, failed at 100 kg.

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