C’ville Strength Workout: Wednesday 4/10

  • Power Snatch + high hang snatch — 50% x3+3, 60% x2+2, 70% x2+2 (% of snatch weight)
  • Snatch Grip DL (2-sec pause at knee) — 5×3 (90-100% of snatch weight)
  • Behind-the-neck snatch grip press — 4×6 at tempo (~35-40% of snatch weight, 2-sec pause at top)

**Note: Hand Maintenance**
It’s starting to get warmer and humid, folks, and that means proper hand care is a must! File and shave down those calluses to prevent rips and tears, especially when using straps! Minimal friction is key!

5 thoughts on “C’ville Strength Workout: Wednesday 4/10

  1. Couldn’t spare the time to make it in, so I did this one in the garage last night:
    Snatch: 85#, 100#, 115# (38kg, 45kg, 52.5kg)
    DL: 75kg (165#)
    Press: 30kg (65#)

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