C’ville Strength Workout: Saturday 5/25

**Monday, Memorial Day (5/27), there is NO CLASS. Crossfit Charlottesville will hold two classes that day for “Murph”, but another option is to head over to Washington Park at 1:30 and play some Tug-o-War with us! Quick instruction followed by some friendly battles.**

Welcome to the second 4-week cycle of summer: PRECISION.

The weights will be heavy, the movements challenging, and you will become frustrated. This is weightlifting. Don’t give the barbell any power; give it respect, but make it yours. Get in there and get after it, focus on every rep, and the progress will be evident. What makes you feel like you are in charge of your destiny?  That is how you want to step up to your barbell.  No fear, no stress, no concern, no anxiety.  Ultimate confidence, even if you are faking it, is how you want to step up to the barbell.

give 100 percent

  • block/hang clean (knees)* @ 70% x3, @75% x3, @80% x2 x3
  • power jerk @75% x4, @80% x3, @85% x2 x3
  • back squat @75% x5, @80% x4, @85% x3 x3

*If you are more experienced with the Olympic lifts, take your cleans off the blocks (note: we only have 2 sets and will have to share); however, if you’re still not as comfortable with the movement, perform these from the mid-hang and focus on proper position and fast turnover.

Just for funsies:

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