Wednesday 6/5

**if you are attending the Sabatini Strength Seminar on Saturday, take it a little easy today, since you will be lifting heavy at the seminar!**

  • Snatch — work quickly to a heavy single (HS) , @80% (of HS) x1 x3 (2min rest)
  • Clean & Jerk — work quickly to a heavy single, @80% (of HS) x1 x3 (2min rest)
  • Front Squat — @95% x3, @100% x2, @105% x1 x3 (% of clean)

NOTES: you are not chasing weight, but merely working up to a weight that is close to (or just exceeding) your 1RM. If you miss in the 90%+ range, move on to the 80% singles.

Compare to 5/8/13

ANNOUNCEMENTS: We are CLOSED on Saturday, June 8, for the Sabatini Strength Seminar. Classes are back on schedule on Sunday.

8 thoughts on “Wednesday 6/5

  1. Skipped the snatches & clean & jerks because I just did the WOD. Did the front squats because I LOVE them. Hit a PR, oh yeah: 135kg. 3# away from my goal of a 300# front squat!

  2. Still working to get a 1 rep max on the snatch and clean and jerk (working on technique), but seems like my front squat is around 100kg right now? Seems wimpy compared to Elliot! 🙂 Then tried some broad jumps. Gotta work on that too…………

  3. Skipped the snatches and kept the clean and jerks fairly light(50 kg) and focused on form.

    Front Squats: Worked up to one @ 75 kg.

  4. Saturday makeup, enjoy the amazing seminar!

    SN: 75 and finally feeling solid in that range
    Clean and Jerk – worked up to an easy 95 (woo!) and then the gym closed
    FS: NOPE, the gym closed…

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