The gym is reserved today for the Sabatini Strength Seminar with Phil Sabatini.

-Classes start back up tomorrow (Sunday, June 9) at noon.
-Crossfit Charlottesville will have a make-up class time at 11 on Sunday, as well.

Mid-Atlantic Crossfit Regionals all weekend at Prince George Complex (Landover, MD)

Richmond Bacon Festival on Sunday at the 17th Street Farmer’s Market (Free! Bacon!)

100% Raw Powerlifting American Challenge on Saturday at Zion Crossroads (go watch people lift big weights!)

7 thoughts on “Saturday (6/8): SABATINI STRENGTH SEMINAR

  1. SO AWESOME!! Thanks, Phil, for coming out and passing on your wisdom! And thank you Elizabeth and Jon for putting this together as well as for your continued help and support!

    Snatch: 70 kg (PR tie)
    C&J: 94 kg (PR)

  2. Thanks Phil, I really enjoyed the seminar today.

    Snatch work up to ~50kg
    Clean and Jerk: 80 kg PR, it took me 4 tries but I finally hit the jerk.

  3. This was the bomb. Weights were a mix of lbs and kg, so I’m just posting them in lbs. (Blasphemy!)

    Snatch: 78# (OK, fine, it was 35.4 kg. Thanks, Google!)
    C & J: 114#/51.875 kg (Took the bar for a walk as I was standing up from the jerk, but Phil said I could count it.)

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