Saturday 6/15

Thus we begin the final week of the 2nd summer cycle: PRECISION.

  • mid-hang clean (knees) @80% x3, @85% x2, @90% x1 x3 (make or miss)
  • back squat @80% x3, @90% x2, @95% x1, @85% x5
  • light DB Sotts Press 10 x 2 each arm (or, if mobility allows, 5×5 with an empty barbell)

Don’t miss out on your last chance for an all-day Olympic Lifting Seminar with Phil Sabatini on July 14 (Sunday)! Only 20 spots available, and spots will fill up quickly, so act fast!

One thought on “Saturday 6/15

  1. Hang Clean: (75/3), (80/2), (85/1)3
    Back Squat: (100/3), (113/2), (120/1), (106/5)
    Thursday’s WOD in lieu of the Sott’s Press

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