Saturday 7/6

DELOAD WEEK*: week 3 of the Performance Cycle.

Caleb Ward (-105) gets in some high volume clean & jerk work with the “Shankle Complex” (his best C&J is 203kg)

  • “Shankle Complex” (1 clean pull [fl] + 2 hang clean pulls + 1 hang clean + 2 jerks) @75% x1 x3
  • back squat @75% x5 x4
  • 3 x10: pull-ups, band pull-aparts

This week you will see complexes and combos as well as a heightened focus on technique. The loads will be lighter — let them. Next week we will ramp up the intensity to the 90%+ range, so let your body adjust for that.  If you’re planning to do Crossfit workouts in addition to the Strength workouts, consider cutting volume and/or intensity by 50%.

Do the Shankle Shimmy:

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