USAW Nationals 7/26-28

The USA Weightlifting National Championships start Friday and your very own coach Elizabeth is competing (-69kg B session)! She had to make a Total of 153kg or higher in order to qualify, and now that that’s done, she’s off to have fun in Cincinnati on the National platform. She will be lifting on the same platform as Olympians Sarah Robles, Katie Uhlaender, Geralee Vega, Kendrick Farris, and Chad Vaughn. Needless to say, it’s pretty cool.

Other standout names among the lifters competing are: Jon North, Jared Fleming, Donny Shankle, Spencer Moorman, Tom Sroka, Travis Cooper, Caine Wilkes, Shelbie Serpan, Jessica Gallagher-Salvaggio, Kelly Rexroad-Williams, Suzy Sanchez, Cortney Bachelor, Chioma Amaechi, Erin Wallace… the list goes on and on.

Watch the live feed from USAW’s site here. If that’s not working well, East Coast Gold will also provide a live feed (Elizabeth just happens to be a member of Team East Coast Gold). Right now the schedule of lifting sessions** is probably not going to change (lifters weigh-in 2 hours before they lift).

**Elizabeth’s session (69B) is currently scheduled to start on Friday at 5pm (Ohio time). There will be lifting all weekend long, so lots of opportunities to watch some great lifters put up big numbers!

game face

game face

One thought on “USAW Nationals 7/26-28

  1. Well guys, didn’t do so at on the National (Skatetown USA…) stage, missed my opening snatch 3x at 64kg, a weight I should put overhead easily (well, I did… then behind me. Oops.) Got all my cleans and probably the best jerk ever at 84kg, then forgot to lock my arms on the jerk at 87kg (didn’t realize it was actually overhead, I guess), which would have been a meet PR.

    But I came off the platform every lift with a smile, because I LOVE this stuff and, shoot, I was at NATIONALS! The goal this year was to get there — goal accomplished. First National meet, first great experience of hopefully many. Now I’m just chomping at the bits to show them what I can do at American Open in December.

    Do try and watch this weekend if you can, there will be some AMAZING performances!

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