7/27-28: The Weekend is for MAXING

“You can have a thousand different coaches but, in the end, you’re still the one lifting the weights.” –Sarah Robles

Singlet Saturday/Sunday is here! Time to put PR weight on the bar and pick it up (3 strike rule still applies, though).

Over the course of this weekend you will MAX OUT your:

  • snatch
  • clean & jerk
  • back squat

You can either attempt all 3 maxes in one day, or spread it out over the entire weekend (if so, figure out which lifts are your priority for maxing: if the competition lifts then do the Oly Total [snatch & clean+jerk] Saturday, back squat Sunday; if you care more about the best max possible for back squat, do that Saturday first, then figure out how to divide the rest.). Compare to the last time we maxed all the lifts in early April. Chase weight here, guys and gals. Get after it. Attempt new PRs. Step up to the barbell and show it who’s boss (that’s you).

This weekend is also the USAW National Championships, and you can watch the live stream here.

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