Sunday 9/1


  • 3 position snatch 60% x 3
  • jerk – heavy single for the day
  • straight leg goodmorning (light) 3 x 5
  • 3 sets of: bent barbell rows x 8-10 and strict toes-to-bar x 5-7

And don’t you dare forget…

MONDAY*! Our 1 year birthday (and Labor Day) party (Facebook invite)
Where: Jenni’s house, 1603 E. Market St.
When: Sept. 2 (Labor Day), 1-4pm.
What to bring: anything you want to eat/drink (we’ll fire up the grill!). Potluck style encouraged.
Why: we’ve been helping you fill our your pants for a year now! Come celebrate!

*There is no C’ville Strength class on Monday. However, the gym is open for one hour that day from 12-1pm if you want to come in and lift on your own.

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