Wednesday 10/16

A. Power Snatch + OHS + Snatch; 5 sets [2 sec pause]

B. Push Press + Jerk BTN + Jerk; 5 sets [5 sec pause]

C1. Jump Squat; 25% x 3 x 3
C2. Partner Med-Ball Toss; 3 x 10

THIS SUNDAY (9am-noon) — Gymnastics Seminar with Chris Garay! Handstands, pistols, rings, all sorts of fun things! Register here.
-It’s not too late to register for the Old Dominion Classic weightlifting meet on Sunday, November 10! HURRY! Prices go UP after Oct. 27!

2 thoughts on “Wednesday 10/16

  1. Made up a combo of things yesterday:
    Power Clean + FS + C&J (with pause in split): 45kg (same weight as last 2 times, still feeling heavy/difficult by the last clean)
    Snatch Pulls (flat-footed): 35kg (oops, and I’m just realizing that I think those were supposed to be “high hang,” but I accidentally did them from the ground)
    Pause Back Squat: 3 x 5 @ 55kg (kind of combined the pause BS idea with a heavy set of squats and it was pretty fun! took video too)

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