Saturday 10/19

Coach Elizabeth and Billy are competing this weekend at the East Coast Gold Gold Cup Challenge. Watch them live this weekend! Elizabeth goes on at 11AM on Saturday and Billy goes on at 3PM.

Also, you should attend this seminar with Coach Chris G! There will be some serious gymnastics going on.


A. Snatch Segment Pull + Snatch; (1+1) x 4 sets

B. Snatch; 75% x 3 x 5

C. Snatch Pull; 85% x 3, 90% x 3, 95% x 3

D. Snatch Push Press + OHS; (2+1) x 5 sets

2 thoughts on “Saturday 10/19

  1. Recap: I went 5/6 (yay!) with a meet snatch PR of 68kg, and juuuust missing the jerk at 88kg (left elbow buckled). Tied my best meet Total with 153kg.

    Billy had a rough start, struggling with a HUGE snatch opener (have to go big sometime!), but came back on the clean and jerk with a meet PR of 101kg (2kg under his best ever)!

    Otherwise we saw a 16 year old girl clean and jerk 110kg and a 77kg lifter go 121/150 (holy smokes!) breaking a PA state snatch record. Lots of other great lifting in the house, it was very exciting!

    Billy says hello to you all 😀

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