Monday 11/11

  • power clean @70% x3 x5 (% of power clean)
  • power jerk @70% x3 x5
  • back squat (50-60%) x3 x8 (1 minute rest between sets)
  • 3x alternating sets: 20 Russian twists (45/35# KB); 10 V-ups

CONGRATS to those who competed yesterday! Recap: ALL three girls (Melinda, Erin, Kim) made ALL their lifts, with PRs thrown in, but sadly two of them got called for press-outs on the third snatch. Melinda: 34/48/82kg (at her very first athletic competition ever, and an unofficial 38kg snatch), Erin with 46/58(PR)/104kg (and an unofficial PR snatch with 49kg), and Kim went 48/63/111kg (6:6) at her first meet. Alan went 85/110/195kg for second place at his first meet (5/6 performance)! And our 94s both had very successful performances: Chad went 5/6 with 73/86/159kg (with an unofficial PR clean & jerk at 92kg, but a slight elbow press-out cost him the lift); and Bryce went 4/6 with 84/115/199kg–adding 10kg to his competition Total (and just missing 3rd place by 2kg — blame the coaches, not the lifter)! [Our honorary member, Will, lifted as a 105kg and hit a 135/160/295kg Total — snatch PR, C&J meet PR, Total PR, “best male lifter”, and qualified for Nationals!] GREAT JOB,EVERYONE!!

Video to come soon, until then, enjoy the Shankle Shimmy:


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