Wednesday 11/13

  • tall snatch* 3×3 (working weight)
  • high hang snatch 3×3 @110% of tall snatch weight
  • halting snatch deadlift 5×3 (at hang snatch weight)
  • Sotts Press x2x10 per hand (light DBs, focus on external rotation)
  • handstand play — static holds, walks, wall walks, strict push-ups…

*start with knees slightly bent, bar pressed into crease of hip with straight arms. NO dip drive. When pulling yourself under the bar, focus on driving through the legs/feet and high elbows on the turnover.

Vinyasa Yoga: 
November 17 (Sunday) at 2pm at the gym! FREE for members and $5 for non-members if you want to bring a friend or two!

Kevin Cornell shows that even big strong guys who weigh 110kg can be flexible and do tricks 

2 thoughts on “Wednesday 11/13

  1. band pull-aparts 5×10
    close grip bench press with board 5×3: 70kg
    weighted pullups 6×5: 20lbs last set with 10lbs
    sitting goodmornings 5×5: 60kg
    sitting dumbell military press 6×5: 35lb then 40lbs last 2 sets

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