Sunday 11/24

In which Forney pushes himself underneath a whole lot of weight

  • jerk — build to a heavy single for the day, down sets @85% [of HS] x1 x3
  • snatch RDL (2-sec pause below knee) x3 x5 (medium)
  • 4x alternating sets: close-grip bench press x6; pull-ups x8-10



GOALS: What are they? A body-weight snatch? Add 10kg to your squat? Fix some technique? Write them down and get after it!

THANKSGIVING SCHEDULE: Wednesday 11/25 class will be at 5:30. The gym is closed Thursday and Friday, back to normal Saturday.

END OF YEAR PARTY: For both the upstairs and downstairs, Saturday 12/7 at Boylan Heights (on The Corner) from 2-5pm. RSVP on Facebook.

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