Monday 11/25

  • snatch complex* [ hang snatch + snatch balance] x1 x6
  • snatch pulls (pause first 2 reps) @90% x3 x3, @100% x3 x2
  • back squat (pause first rep) @70% x4, @80% x3, @90%x2 x2
  • 3x max handstand hold [belly to wall if not proficient with static]


*you should not be missing any snatch balances. These complexes are not meant for you to test your max in the lifts, but rather to work through technical problems — quality of quantity. Save the heavy attempts for the weekend.


THANKSGIVING SCHEDULE: Wednesday 11/25 class will be at 5:30. The gym is closed Thursday [except for the 10am Turkey Purger] and Friday, back to normal Saturday.

END OF YEAR PARTY: For both the upstairs and downstairs, Saturday 12/7 at Boylan Heights (on The Corner) from 2-5pm. RSVP on Facebook.

5 thoughts on “Monday 11/25

  1. Snatch Complex: 45 kg
    Snatch Pulls: 60 kg, 62 kg
    Back Squat: 62 kg, 70 kg, 80 kg, keeping it light in preparation for a back squat max attempt later this week (I think).

    Hand stand holds: I mostly practiced working on free standing holds with the best being about 5 seconds or so.(Read: I need more practice)
    I also did a 1 minute hold against the wall.

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