Wednesday 11/27


  • clean complex* [high hang clean + clean from floor] x1 x6
  • clean pulls [pause 1st 2 reps] @90% x3 x3, @100% x3 x2
  • FRONT SQUAT –> build to a heavy double
  • alternating 3x: seated DB press x6; single-arm DB row x10-15

Are free weights inferior to the ones you have to pay for?


*you should not be missing the second clean, or making it sloppy. These complexes are not meant for you to test your max in the lifts, but rather to work through technical problems — quality of quantity. Save the heavy attempts for the weekend.

**the gym will be closed Thursday and Friday for THANKSGIVING. GO EAT AND EAT AND EAT AND EAT AND EAT….Meet us back at the bar on Saturday at noon.**

3 thoughts on “Wednesday 11/27

  1. Sometimes you have to take a step or two back to get back on the right track. Learned a lot tonight.

    Clean technique practice – many reps, many drills, much practice. None heavier than 45 kg

    Front Squats – several sets of 5 at 40 then 50 kg. Starting to get my “happy feet” under control.

    Nobody said this would be easy.

    • weightlifting is one of the most frustrating — and rewarding — things I’ve ever done. Put in the effort and patience, and you’ll see amazing progress. Strength is one thing, skill/technique is another. They go hand in hand, and your determination and attention to detail are already apparent and will assist you in your growth with leaps and bounds. Keep it up!

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