Wednesday 12/4

Don’t forget to go to Boylan Heights on Saturday from 2-5pm for the End of the Year Party! Some people might just win a Superlative Award or two…

Last night of Hannukkah = last tech day of the front squat cycle

  • clean (pause 1st rep) @65% x2 x3, @75% x2 x2
  • front squat @90% x1 x5
  • accumulate 100 hollow rocks — every time you break, stop and do 5 push-ups



1. The 2013 American Open Championships is going on in Dallas, TX, and it’s the biggest one yet with over 450 participants, including a couple familiar faces. Tune in to the live webcast on Friday at 10:30am (CST) to see Elizabeth lift on the big stage (and Tiffany, too!)!

2. YOU ARE MAXING ALL THE LIFTS (snatch, clean & jerk, and front squat) this weekend (either Saturday or Sunday! Rest up well and plan accordingly so you can GET AFTER IT!

Finally, enjoy this video of Attitude Nation’s club training set to inspirational speeches: 

2 thoughts on “Wednesday 12/4

  1. clean (pause 1st rep)
    @65% x2 x3 60kg (Focused a lot of getting form correct)
    @75% x2 x2 80kg
    front squat
    @90% x1 x5 120 kg

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