Saturday 12/7

The Artist and the Olympian: 


  • snatch: MAX (2 strike rule)
  • clean & jerk: MAX (2 strike rule)
  • FRONT SQUAT: MAX (get after it!!!)


Can’t get enough of the maxing? Follow the 2013 American Open Championships live all weekend long!

you vs you

6 thoughts on “Saturday 12/7

  1. Busted my shoelaces so I just tied what was left of them.

    Missed 95×5 then pulled it so hard off the floor that knees collapsing didn’t stop it.
    Snatch 95.

    Clean and jerk:120pr

    Front squat:130
    I missed 140 twice.

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  3. at the American Open (not a great meet for me…)
    snatch: 60-65-68x
    C&J: 82x (well I made it but they called the jerk… which was a bogus call if you ask ANYONE)-82-(and after a 30+minute wait while they rebuilt the platform)-88x

    4 days later…
    snatch: 64-68-72x(overpull like WHOA),… 75 (because why not, and yet another overpull like WHOA, but stupid close)
    c&j: 80-85-90x(rough clean, no attempt on jerk)
    FS: 105, …then nothing left for 109

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