Monday 12/16

The Sasquats are here.  Be afraid.  This is your winter, off-season, abominable, death-by-squatting cycle.  The centerpiece of this cycle is a combination of high volume and high intensity back squatting.  Most sessions will include a maintenance-dose of technical work relevant to the Olympic lifts, but the focus of every session is the squatting.  You will be squatting a minimum of three days per week, and often a total of four days per week.  It is imperative that you eat, sleep, and generally recover in ways that will allow you to participate in every squat session without failing.  If you feel like you are under-recovering, you are encouraged to abandon all supplemental lifting and just squat.  All back squat percentages should be based off of your most recent max back squat numbers.  Given the amount of (over)use that your legs will be getting, you will need to do foam rolling and lacrosse ball work, and hip/quad mobility work after every session in order to keep your muscles and fascia from completely seizing up and generating large amounts of joint pain.  This cycle will only make you stronger if you do not injure yourself.  Do not push to failure, and do not train through pain.  Listen closely to your body for signs of overtraining, and please post your weights and notes on how you are feeling throughout the cycle.  If you aren’t already supplementing with creatine monohydrate, now would be a good time to start.

  • back squat 60% x 8 x 3, 65% x 5
  • 3 position snatch 60% x 3 (start from the hang, and work down)
  • max box jump

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