5 thoughts on “Saturday 01/04

  1. Back squat: 90 kg X 3 X 6 (By mistake I did a pretty easy set of 6 at 80%, and it was suggested that I add a little weight.)
    BW Jumping Squats 3 X 15
    Hollow Rock w/ a hold at the top 3 X 10 (swapped out for the V Ups)

  2. squat: 90kg (by mistake I did two sets of six at 80kg thinking we were doing 3 x 6, and I switched to 90kg for the final four sets at 3 reps)

    • Right, please ask someone about the set and rep notation if you’re not sure what to do. And, please use the prescribed percentages for weight. If you don’t have a recently established BS max to work off of, you shouldn’t be following this cycle. Feel free to email me if you have questions: jforney@virginia.edu

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