Wednesday 1/08

  • back squat 80% x 4 x 6
  • close grip overhead squat 3 x 5 (bar weight — add a little weight on the final set if possible)
  • accumulate 2 minutes in a handstand hold (facing the wall, if possible)

5 thoughts on “Wednesday 1/08

  1. Kim

    1.) 160# BS
    These felt solid / not that difficult today (which was surprising given how triples and doubles felt earlier)
    2.) Just bar. Worked hands in each set. Last set hands touching, failed 5th rep.
    3.) Skip for extensive hamstring mobility work.

    1.) 143# BS
    Felt good. But weight is sometimes shifting forward and sometimes losing tensions in bottom.
    2.) Just bar. Slightly narrower than snatch grip.
    3.) Done with belly to wall.

  2. Back squat – 83kg
    Close grip OHS – bar weight (heels on a 5kg plate)
    Handstand hold

    Squat weight felt manageable. Seemed as though the sets got easier as the workout progressed.

  3. Look, I’m posting!!

    133# backsquat. Was more difficult than anticipated and I haven’t even been running. Whomp.

    OHS with the bar. Tough stuff, difficult to keep from looking down.

    Handstand holds kicking up (facing away from the wall) ’cause I’m chicken, in 3 sets.

  4. Back Squat: 90 kg, These felt decent, and I took more rest between sets today than previously
    Close Grip OHS: Bar only
    Substituted my normal handstand work for the holds

  5. Snatch: up to 45kg (failed at 47kg)
    Back Squat: 55kg
    Close Grip: hands just about touching, took off shoes for last few reps
    Hand stand holds with stomach to wall
    – weird comment: my eyes got kind of swollen after being upside down, very strange

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