Saturday 1/11

  • back squat 80% x 2 x 6
  • tall snatch — work up to heavy single
  • tall clean — work up to heavy single
  • L-sit holds (on ground or with wooden parallettes) x 3 attempts to failure

A big thank-you to everyone who has been posting during this cycle!  Please keep it up and make a note of how the squats are feeling on each workout.

7 thoughts on “Saturday 1/11

  1. I made a sign saying “every time you don’t post, a kitten dies.” Then Thomas claims he hates cats, and kittens lead to cats, so dead kittens = fewer cats.

    You’ll note he still posted, though.

  2. Squat 130 felt better than the sets if four I couldn’t do.
    Tall snatch 80
    Tall clean 100
    L sit 10,7,7 this made me cramp up.

  3. Back Squat: 90 kg
    Tall Snatch: 45 kg
    Tall Clean: 70 kg, caught 75 kg in a decent position but I couldn’t stand it back up.
    L Sit: Worked on L-Sits from the floor using hands turned mostly backwards. 12, 11, 10

  4. Back squat – 84kg
    Tall Snatch – worked up to 40kg
    Tall Clean – worked up to 56kg
    L-Sit (in tuck position) – each very short

    Squats felt better as I moved through the sets again (more warm up?). Feeling them later in my high quad/hip – especially when sitting at work. My tall snatch and tall clean were both a good bit heavier than last month’s.

  5. There’s been a lot of talk about tight hips. I would be shocked if there wasn’t, given all the squatting you’ve been doing.

    It’s up to you guys to come in early and warm up properly, stretch after, and mobilize ON YOUR OWN at home.

    Here are some of the key stretches you can do with a band at the gym [#2 is just bonus for anything overhead, which, you know, we do]

    and couch stretch you can all do at home, and… I should go do that right now

  6. Same old 133# for squats, felt easy.

    Tall snatch up to 82#, which is my (recent) snatch PR. Tall clean up to 105#, which is not my clean PR.

    Holds and jumping muscle ups for fun on the rings.

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