9 thoughts on “Monday 1/13

  1. Back Squat: 90 kg, felt decent
    Ab Roll Outs: 4 sets of 3 with a pause at full extension
    Then Elizabeth introduced me to the fun of banded ab roll outs to add some more resistance. I found having the band pulling against me as I pulled back from full extension more challenging than having the band pull against me as I rolled out.

  2. Back squats – 83kg
    Jumping squats
    Barbell rollouts
    Spent a good block of time mobilizing my hips and quads before and after this workout. They feel much better than after previous workouts.

  3. Squat: 90kg- 4×6
    Jumping squats
    Barbell roll out on knees-will try feet next time
    Lots of hip opening stretches (not nearly as sore as I was on Sunday but I didn’t go ice skating afterwards either :))

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