Monday 1/20

  • back squat 80% x 2 x 6
  • modified snatch grip RDL 50-60% x 4 x 5 (keep legs as straight as possible throughout entire movement, and hinge exclusively at the hips; concentrate on pulling the bar back toward your body so that the bar is in contact with your thighs throughout the entire movement)
  • weighted pull ups — work up to heavy double
  • mobilize your hips!

2 thoughts on “Monday 1/20

  1. Squat: 90 kg, these felt fairly rough, I’m still sore from Saturday
    Snatch RDL: 40 kg
    Pull ups: Worked on one armed pull ups using a band

  2. Back squat – 84 kg
    Snatch-grip RDL – 40 kg
    Pull Ups: Worked on getting solid chest-to-bar pull ups. Did five doubles and struggled on the last set.
    My legs felt flat since Saturday. Not a lot of soreness, just no “pop” in them. The squats felt tough and it was hard to believe that I’d done 6 X 6 with that weight on Saturday.

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