Monday 1/27

  • back squat 90% x 4 x 4
  • bodyweight jumping squats 4 x 10
  • max pull ups x 3 attempts
  • windshield wipers x 3 sets to failure

7 thoughts on “Monday 1/27

  1. Came in at 6 a.m. to make up last Wednesday’s workout.
    Squat x 5 x 5 @ 110 kg
    Did 80% to prevent failure. Last rep of every set was a grind. On a positive note, no knee pain during or after squatting.

  2. Squat: 100 kg, these felt pretty good, I found the last rep challenging each set
    Strict Pull ups, then chin-ups: 12, 12
    Then 4 explosive pull ups

  3. Back squat 94kg
    Pull-Ups 5,4,3
    Windshield wipers – first time doing them on the bar. Not pretty.

    Legs and hips feel good, but last night’s workout wound me up. I was wide awake and restless. Hard time sleeping.

  4. 67.5kg for BS
    jumping squats (felt better than I thought they would)
    did 2 strict pull ups/set
    did 3/side/set legs raises to the side from hanging position

  5. BS: 102 kg
    JS: yes
    PU: 5,4,3- this is an exercise where I definitely need some work
    WW: Yes but obvious that I will never be Thomas good at this.

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