Wednesday 1/29

  • back squat 80% x 2 x 6
  • tall snatch — heavy single for the day
  • modified straight leg RDL (pulling the bar in to the body) 50-60% x 4 x 5
  • accumulate 3 minutes in a hollow-body hold

4 thoughts on “Wednesday 1/29

  1. Back squat – 84kg
    Tall Snatch – up to 30kg
    Snatch Grip RDL – 39kg
    Hollow rocks

    Legs didn’t have a lot of zip. Spent a long time warming up to squats to work on technique and grooving a new cue for external rotation.

  2. BS: 90 kg
    Tall Snatch: Bar-still working on not sprawling with feet
    RDL: Bar
    Hollow rocks
    3xL-sit on PU bar

    Knees (especially left) is still really sore on Friday. Will probably not come in on Saturday but spend a bunch of time warming them up and mobility.

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