Good Calories & a Tongue Twister

In the past few years, I’ve drastically changed my relationship with fat.

I used to adhere to the “high carb, low fat” diet, strictly cooking with vegetable oils and eating products labeled “fat-free” in order to eat a healthier lifestyle.  I had a horrible relationship with my scale as my weight would go on rollercoaster rides, and my body composition would undulate with it. When I finally accepted the “eat fat, get fit” slogan, life became a lot tastier and my composition more solid.

The best part? When people ask me what my diet is like and I respond “as much saturated fat as possible.”  saturated fat

One of my favorite ways of ingesting this delicious fat? With beef tongue. That’s right, I said tongue. If you’re a little hesitant about cooking — or eating — tongue, I will recommend heading over to La Michoacana on High Street and ordering a taco or guarache with tongue. You won’t even notice that it’s not regular beef — until you taste it and the tender juicy morsels infuse your taste buds with joy.  Because tongue isn’t a load-bearing muscle, it ends up having a similar consistency to filet mignon (basically the psoas of the cow). Yes, it’s a fatty cut of meat, but the fat is primarily saturated fat, and it’s not the grizzle kind of fat too many people cut off of their T-bones.

Last week I got an awesome whole beef tongue from J&M Stock & Provisions (across from the Amtrak station).

Yup, that's the top of a cow's tongue

Yup, that’s the top of a cow’s tongue

and that's the bottom of it

and that’s the bottom of it

After squealing a bit regarding the fact that it really does look and feel like a tongue, I washed it with cold water and patted it dry. Then I covered it with sea salt and ground black pepper and placed it in my slow-cooker over a bed of spicy salsa (because I’m lazy, you could just chop up half an onion and dice a couple cloves of garlic and place it over that). Then I filled the crockpot with water just enough so that it covered the tongue, turned it on “low” for 8 hours and waited. 8 hours later, the exterior layer of the tongue will easily fall off and leave you with the absolutely tender and moist interior. You could just cut this into slices and munch away, but I went ahead and shredded it with a fork — or my fingers since it literally just fell apart — and replaced it back with the salsa mixture in the warm crockpot. Then, with a slotted spoon, I transferred the meat to a serving dish.

tongue tacos, anyone?

tongue tacos, anyone?

It’s really as easy as that, and super delicious, too. I highly recommend branching out and giving it a try.


Finally, I will leave you with a tongue twister to try:

        • Bitty Batter bought some butter
          “But,” said she, “this butter’s bitter.
          If I put it in my batter,
          It will make my batter bitter.”
          So she bought some better butter,
          And she put the better butter in the bitter batter,
        And made the bitter batter better.”


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