Saturday 2/1

  • back squat 95% x 3 x 3
  • close grip overhead squat (bar weight) 4 x 5-7
  • Bulgarian split squat 4 x 8 per leg (minimal weight)

5 thoughts on “Saturday 2/1

  1. Back squat – 99kg
    OHS – bar only. Much room for improvement in my ROM
    Bulgarian Split Squats – at bodyweight focusing on stretching hips in a “dynamic couch stretch”

    Squats felt very manageable today -as though I had another rep in the tank at the end of each set.

  2. Back Squat: 105 kg, The squats felt ok physically, mentally less so
    OHS — bar

    I noticed on the squats that at this weight I no longer want to squat as low as I normally do.

  3. Squat: 158kg 1, 3, 2

    Not enough rest after the warm up so I wimped out on the first set. 7-8 minutes rest between sets after that.

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