Monday 2/10

For those who are ready:

  • back squat 102-105% x 1
  • power snatch 70% x 1
  • power clean 70% x 1

For those who are almost ready:

  • hang power snatch (from below knee) + OHS 50% (of snatch) x (2+2) x 3
  • front squat 50% x 3 x 4
  • accumulate 3 minutes in an L-sit hold

4 thoughts on “Monday 2/10

  1. Back Squat @ 138 kg x 2 x 2 PR!
    First set felt hard, Elizabeth said “do your second set without spotters”. The second set was easier. Go figure.
    Doing doubles of a previous 1 RM is a great feeling.

  2. Back squat max – 115kg PR
    Power snatch – 30kg
    Power clean – 30kg

    Destroyed 110kg (105%) and added weight. Struggled out of the hole but got it. Couldn’t be more pleased to see 9 weeks’ work come to fruition.

    Thanks Jon and Elizabeth for the great coaching, and thanks everyone for the great support in the gym!

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  4. Made up at noon on Wednesday:
    Back Squat: 75kg (104%), 77kg (107%), and then 79kg (109.7%!) and 7 kg PR!!!
    Power Snatch: 35 kg x 1 x 2
    Power Clean: 40kg x 1 x 2

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