Saturday 2/15

**if you still need to max your squat, you should do that now**


“Conditioner is better. It makes the hair all silky and smooth.”

Today marks the beginning of an 8-week technical cycle. Every Sunday, in addition to heavy singles, there will an optional metabolic conditioning workout based on movements that will complement your lifting. These workouts will take between 10-30 minutes [including rest time].

PUSH yourselves. Everything is by feel, but the feel should never be light. Ideally, everything will be heavy — but with a focus on perfect form. Push your weights, push your limits, push yourselves. Believe in your capabilities, because we already do.

Record your weights and track your progress.

  • high hang snatch 5RM, -5% x5, -10% x5
  • pause (below knee) snatch pulls x5 x5
  • front squat 1-1-1

10 thoughts on “Saturday 2/15

  1. High Hang – 55, 50,45
    Snatch Pulls- 100
    Front Squats- 130-144(Failed)-130
    Felt good to have a large group in the room. Great energy Congrats to everyone smashing PRs!

  2. Made up on Sunday:
    High Hang Snatch x 5: up to 35kg (5RM, felt decent), 33kg (felt tired and form suffered), 31kg (better again)
    Pause BTK Snatch Pulls: 35kg (felt great! maybe should have gone heavier?)
    Notes on positioning: snatch start position with edge of kneecaps right inside elbows (cue for proper hip-shoulder alignment), remember that with bar right BTK still need to straighten knees for one more split second before opening hips
    Mini WOD from Sunday: 4 rounds with 3 min rest
    5 FS @ 100lbs (70%)
    10 Burpees
    150m row

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