Monday 2/17

  • heaving power snatch + heaving snatch balance + snatch x(1+1+1) x5
  • push press + push jerk + split jerk x(1+1+1) x5
  • back squat @75% x3 x4, @70% x6

Both complexes should be heavy, but with a focus on technique. Visualize the set before you put your hands the bar and get after it.

8 thoughts on “Monday 2/17

  1. Both complexes – bar only
    Back squat – 86, 80

    With my inflexibility and ragged technique I spent my time working with just the bar to get the positioning right. For the snatches I heaving ps and snatch I started from the top and lowered myself and the bar into position as low as I could get.

  2. made up on Tuesday
    Snatch complex: 35kg (2), 37kg (2)
    confused at what a “heaving power snatch” was, so looked up Catalyst Athletics videos and just did a power snatch
    Jerk Complex: 35kg (1), 39kg (4)
    Back Squat: 60kg and then 55kg

  3. Snatch complex: up 75kg missed a lot of the snatches out front bunt never either of the first two parts.

    Jerk complex: upto 100kg only hit one push press at this weight then slipped into push jerks where there should have been only presses.

    Squat: 130kg x3x4 then 120kg x6x1

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