Monday 2/24

  • heaving power snatch + snatch x(1+1) x5
  • clean (pause on 1st rep) x2 x3
  • 4x alternating sets:
    -behind neck press in split position x6
    -V-ups x10-15

3 thoughts on “Monday 2/24

  1. Snatch complex – 34
    Clean – 60
    (For both of the above I started just below my knees, lowering in from the top.)
    BTN Press – 30
    Very wired after last night’s workout. Had a tough time falling asleep.

  2. Snatch Complex: up to 36kg (I think)
    very much liked the heaving power snatch, helped a lot with positioning
    Cleans: 45kg
    then made up the WOD: (5 rounds with 1 min rest)
    15KB swings at 53lbs
    100 single unders

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