Saturday 3/8

**RVA Open: June 1, 2014** (this will SELL OUT QUICKLY, so register ASAP and don’t miss out! YES, you are good enough to compete. Period.)

  • push press + push jerk + split jerk x(1+1+1) x5
  • 1 ¼ front squat @70% x2 x5
  • 4x DB circuit (use same weight for all):
    -seated press x6 (both hands)
    -bent-over row x10 (one arm at a time)
    -weighed sit-up x15 (just use 1 DB)

**National bronze medalist Adam Beytin will be stopping by to lift with you all today. Who is he? Oh, just another lifter, but here’s a video of him at the Arnold Championships last weekend with a 171kg clean & jerk.**

3 thoughts on “Saturday 3/8

  1. Jerk complex upto 100kg. The push jerk is the hard part to get right.
    Front squat: 100kg try to remember to bottom out after the quarter squat.
    Db circuit: 50# db. I really need a counter balance for the sit-up.

  2. 80kg jerk complex trying to avoid the large loop. Could have gone heavier.
    100kg front squat
    35kg db press
    55 rows
    35 sit ups

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