Wednesday 3/12

**Spring Survey for the Gym!**

  • [clean pull + high hang clean] x3 x5
  • 1 ¼ front squat @70% x2 x5
  • 4x alternating sets:
    -BTN press in split stance x6
    -strict toes-to-bar (or L-raises) xME

3 thoughts on “Wednesday 3/12

  1. snatch upto 95kg
    clean complex: 90 was a little heavy going into set 2 so I finished it up at 80
    front squat:100kg felt good
    press 50kg was easy but just 6 strict t2b was difficult

  2. Clean complex – 30 (took the pulls from the hang below the knee)
    1-1/4 FS – 60
    BTN Press – 30

    My stretching and flexibility work is paying off – I was finally able to sit into a solid starting position for the clean tonight!

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