Saturday 3/15

  • snatch push press + snatch balance x(2+1) x5
  • back squat @90% x1 x4
  • 3x alternating:
    -pull-ups x10
    -band pull-aparts x10

4 thoughts on “Saturday 3/15

  1. Snatch complex @40 kg for 3 sets, then @44 kg for 2 sets
    Back Squat @104 kg x 1 x 3, @106kg x1 x1
    Used a purple band for pull-ups but struggled with the final couple of reps

    104kg was my pre-Sasquats 1RM. The weight felt so much easier today. Today’s snatch balances were a good bit heavier than I’ve ever done before.

  2. PP: 3×5 @ 50kg
    Box Squats: 2×5 @70 kg
    PU: 1st 10 wo band, next 20 with purple
    I think I have the weights right. Wasn’t paying enough attention. Just went with what was hard but doable.

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