Wednesday 3/19

“Step by step. I can’t see any other way of accomplishing anything.” ~Michael Jordan

  • 3 position snatch (high-hang + mid-hang + floor) x5
  • back squat @90% x2 x2, @70% x10
  • Turkish Get-Up x2 x3 each arm (medium weight)

7 thoughts on “Wednesday 3/19

    • Snatches: 30, 30, 30, 34, 4th
      BS: 90 kg, 70 kg
      TGU: 35# kb, 20# barbell

      On the Snatches need to pull the bar in more aggressively and focus on going up instead of pulling back. Squats felt good, get ups were challenging I think due to overhead lunges yesterday (the lunge was really hard today).

      Thanks Jon! Had a great time 🙂

  1. Snatch complex @30kg
    Back squat @104kgx2x2, @80kgx10
    TGU @45# KB

    Still can’t get into a sound start position for the snatch from the ground. Continuing on my quest for enhanced hamstring flexibility.

  2. Snatch complex @40kg
    Snatch pulls @60kg
    BS @ 100kgx2x2, 80kgx2x10

    Practiced starting in a bit wider and turned out foot position on snatch, felt like a stronger and more stable pull. Still figuring out my start routine and focusing on not losing tightness in my core and back as I initiate the pull. Also worked on using more lats and not arms.

    Doubles at 100kg on BS were a bit challenging, don’t feel like I’m trusting my technique enough, shifted my weight forward and was too quad dominant. 10 reps at 80kg were cake, straight down straight up every time, felt so good I did 2 sets without any break in form.

  3. Snatch Complex: 32kg (oops did high hang, mid hang, and below the knee. it was good practice though!)
    Back squat: 67kg x 2 x 2 and 55 x 1 x 10
    Turkish Getups: 15kg barbell

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