Monday 3/24

  • power snatch x1 x8 EMOTM
  • power clean + power jerk x(1+1) x8 EMOTM
  • back squat @95% x1 x3 (rest as much as needed between sets)

Sign up here.

Yes, you are ready to compete. This is fun, local, and we hope to bring as many of you as possible. Sign up! The next training cycle is geared to peak for this meet.

4 thoughts on “Monday 3/24

  1. Tall snatch @40
    Power clean + power jerk @54 (tried for 60 but it wasn’t happening tonight)
    Back squat @110

    Didn’t have a lot of energy tonight.

    • Ya what he said^^
      Cleaned 84 for 3/8 then dropped back to 80
      Back Squat… 145×1 150×2

      and no food .. but food Wednesday!

  2. P Snatch @50kg 10 EMOM. Starting position and sweep felt good. Still working on breaking from the ground with my legs not arms.

    P Clean & P jerk @60 10 EMOM. Went ok, starting position is feeling a bit unusual (in a good way, still getting used to it) with my lower and wider stance. Need to focus on breaking off the floor with legs as well as not letting my hips rise too quickly. Sweep was good.

    BS @60kg 5×3 3 second pauses. Hips have been destroyed the past few days.

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